Plant-Based Parmesan
Cheesy Superfood Boost
for your favorite foods

Hello Friends,

Come by our booth at Expo West 2020, say hello and sample Parma! Booth#5571 Hall E.

Parma! was created with the belief that eating plant-based, nutrient dense and minimally processed foods is a major key to feeling our best. Our recipes are simple, nutritious and great tasting. Parma! is made in small batches with great care -- we send our love and healing intentions into every batch. Our family owned business uses only the highest quality ingredients and nothing you can't pronounce.

We started making what is now Parma! while trying to figure out how to deal with severe allergies and eating a raw vegan diet. We shared it with friends and family -- and everyone loved it! When we started our family, we also started bottling our "yummy cheesey stuff". Along with our sweet babies, Parma! was born.

We are proud to say that Seth Tibbott, Founder of Tofurky, is an official advisor for us.

Sister River Foods is woman owned and run since 2004.

Like us on Facebook ( & Instagram (parmaveganparm) and share Parma! with your loved ones. Parma! is delicious, nutritious and makes a cool gift. Check out the recipes here on our site. We also post recipe ideas on our Facebook page. If you have a recipe(s) using Parma! you love, please share it.

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In gratitude,

Your Friends at Sister River Foods