The perfect condiment * Great taste * Vegan

* Dairy-free * Soy-free * Gluten-free * GMO-free * Kosher

* Super Food * Omega 3's * trace minerals 

* B12 * complete protein 

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​     Shake Parma! vegan parmesan on your savory foods for a nutty cheezey flavor that boosts your food to the next level of yum!  Parma! is a SUPER FOOD, meaning it is a concentrated source of nutrients.  It is an excellent food source of Omega 3's, B vitamins, including B12, complete protein, trace minerals, and all the goodness of hemp seeds grown without pesticides. Ingredients include nuts and seeds grown without pesticides, nutritional yeast, and a little Himalayan crystal salt.

     Parma! is not only highly nutritious, it's super delicious. Parma! is a vegan cheese you can eat on popcorn, pizza, pasta, grains, ​soup, and salad.​​ It is also great on sandwiches, ​tortillas, beans, avocado, lightly steamed ​veggies, grains, ​and most savory food. All healthy food lovers love Parma! Kids love Parma! Moms love Parma!  Even non-vegans will enjoy the taste. Parma! is certified Kosher by Oregon Kosher.