The Perfect go-to cheesey condiment

Plant-Based  *  Great tasting Umami Flavor

Super food * Complete protein

Paleo * Keto

 Dairy-free  *  Soy-free  *  Gluten-free

GMO-free  *  Kosher

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     Shake our plant-based parmesan,

on your savory foods for a nutty, cheesey,

umami flavor that boosts your food to the

next level of yum!


     Parma! is a SUPER FOOD, meaning

it is a concentrated source of nutrients. 

Parma! is an excellent food source of

Omega 3's, B vitamins including B12,

trace minerals,and all the goodness of hemp seeds

grown without pesticides. It is also a complete protein.

     Parma! is not only highly nutritious but super delicious. Parma! is a plant-based cheesey seasoning you can put on your popcorn, pizza, pasta, grains, soup and salad. It is also great on sandwiches, tortillas, beans, avocado, lightly steamed veggies, grains and most savory food.

     Healthy food lovers love Parma!. Kids love Parma!. Moms love Parma!.  You don't have to label yourself vegan to enjoy the taste. Share Parma! with your loved ones.

Parma! Vegan Parmesan

      Sister River Foods was founded with the belief that eating plant-based, nutrient-dense, and minimally processed foods is a major key to feeling and looking our best. We hope you love Parma! as much as we do.

     Our recipes are simple, nutritious and great tasting. Parma! is made in small batches with great care -- we send our love and healing intentions into every batch.

     Our woman owned and run business uses only the highest quality ingredients and nothing you can't pronounce. Thank you for your business. Your dollars are supporting our families, and we are grateful.